Two events for young Friends: May YFGM and August Junior Gathering

Young Friends General Meeting will be having a three day gathering over the second May bank holiday. All young adults (18–30ish) with an interest in Quakerism are most welcome to attend. Note that YFGM can help with travel expenses for first-time attenders.
Young Friends General Meeting is a national community for young adult Quakers.
 The event promises to be interesting and stimulating, featuring a conference call with young Friends in Philadelphia, and a talk from Veterans for Peace.
If your meeting does not yet have a representative to YFGM, please consider appointing a young adult and covering their costs to attend. For further information and to register please visit YFGM’s website:
If you have any queries, contact the YFGM coordinator, Rachel Evans on .
Junior Gathering (formerly Summer School) 
This event is for 11-14 year olds and runs from 19th-26th August 2017 at Leighton Park School near Reading.
Junior gathering in 2016
 There have been 50 applications so far but there are still 30 places and the organisers would particularly welcome more 11 year olds. Young people who don’t attend Meeting regularly are always welcome.

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