Sunday 11 June: reaffirming our Quaker Centre

Event – Sun 11th June, 1245-1400pm, Bath Friends Meeting House

Katie Evans writes (on behalf of elders and clerks)

In 2010 Bath Quakers took the positive decision to keep Bath Friends Meeting House and develop it as a centre for Quakers and the wider community.  Since then a lot of love, research, listening and emails have gone into discerning and acting on our vision for the Meeting House – that it should be sustainable, accessible and full of life.  

Bath Quakers decided in 2010 to keep the York Street Friends’ Meeting House as a centre for Quakers and the wider community.

We’ve made a lot of progress: for example, the main room is now accessible and the Meeting House in daily use by school children visiting the Roman Baths and Genesis Trust’s Lifeline project supporting homeless and vulnerably housed people.  But there’s still more to do.  Soon we will be restarting our appeal to raise funds for work on the lighting, windows and façade.

It can be hard to keep in touch with the big picture over the long haul.  The meeting after meeting for worship on Sun 11th June 1245-1400 is a chance to reaffirm our Quaker Centre in both senses of that phrase: our spiritual centre as a worshipping community, and flowing from that, our vision for our Meeting House as a Quaker and community centre.  Come to be (re)invigorated and enthused!

If you have any photos taken in the Meeting House or of the Meeting House, please bring them with you on Sun 11th June.

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