Let’s share the Quaker business method more widely

Reminder: There’s an open event on the Quaker Business Method and how Quakers adopt issues to campaign or act upon this Sunday 25th June at the Bath Friends’ Meeting House, York Street. With shared lunch. All welcome

A new book Discernment and Inner Knowing, making decisions for the best
explores the value of Quaker discernment for business. The author Joycelin Dawes was given an Eva Koch scholarship at the Quaker Woodbrooke Study Centre in Birmingham to research Quaker discernment. That research grew in to this book. The author describes it as a ground-breaking study of spiritual and secular discrenment:

it explores Quaker personal and corporate discernment through the eyes of Theory U, a secular framework for change, using the methods and visual map of ‘Theory U’ to shed light on Quaker practice. My hope is this ‘mutual irradiation’(Douglas Steere) with Theory U will help bring greater clarity and strength to Quaker discernment.

Recommending the book, Dr Lynne Sedgmore (former CEO of 157 Group and of the Centre for Excellence in Leadership UK) writes

This compelling book provides an original and insightful understanding of the art of discernment for the modern world in all its complexities. Joycelin Dawes explores the Quaker tradition and practice of discernment alongside modern secular leadership approaches of presencing and sensing. She offers an invaluable synthesis and makes a significant intellectual and practical contribution to the field of discernment and decision making for individuals, leaders and members of organisations. I cannot recommend it highly enough for its wisdom and insights

The book is on sale from the Quaker Centre Bookshop (173-177 Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 2BE; tel 020 7663 1030), online booksellers and FeedARead: Discernment and Inner Knowing by Joycelin Dawes | ISBN 9781786977793.  RRP £6.99

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  1. And don’t forget that we have our own scintillating Meeting for Learning about Quaker Business Method, and how Quakers adopt issues to campaign/act upon, on 25th June, during and after shared lunch. All welcome.


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