Quaker Week 30 Sept-8 Oct: local events in Bradford and Devizes

Quakers aren’t given to proselytising or evangelism. But we do make efforts at outreach (this web site is an example) and once a year many Meetings across the country focus on “Quaker week”, a national outreach effort where speak about what we do and make a special effort to make enquirers feel welcome.

Quaker Week this year is 30 September – 8 October 2017, and the national theme is In turbulent times: be a Quaker. 

Local meetings nearby have events planned. Bath itself does not have anything major planned (or if it does the organisers have neglected to mention it to the editor).

Bradford on Avon Friends’ Quaker Week event is:

Working for Peace in North Korea and Myanmar: Making a difference in turbulent times. You can come and hear Lucy Roberts of the American Friends Service Committee at 1930 Tuesday 3 Oct at St Margaret’s Hall, Bradford on Avon BA15 1DE. Poster here. 

Meanwhile Devizes Friends’ Quaker Week event is The Quakers – A Peculiar People? A talk by Bill Yates at 8:00 pm on Friday 6th October at the Meeting House, Sussex Wharf (off Bath Road) Devizes SN10 2AE


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