News of our Friends in Napa and Sonoma counties, California

Bath Quakers are holding Friends in Napa and Sonoma County, California in the light as wildfire devastates the beautiful wine region north of San Francisco.
Terrifying photo from the SF Chronicle shows wildfire raging across Napa, Sonoma, Calistoga and Santa Rosa. Dozens are dead; tens of thousands evacuated.
Kathy Mawer from the Napa-Sonoma Meeting visited Bath Quakers a few years back. She is currently safely in Mexico, and writes
we have been in contact with a number of people in Napa, and the news is very distressing.  The Wilcoxes were evacuated Monday morning and spent Monday night in our Napa house, which is in a safe area.  Some of our Quaker group have not checked in yet, and others are packed and ready if needed.  Please hold all in the Light.
Diana Wilcox writes:

Joe and I were evacuated, but we are back in our house now. Fires still burn in the hills to our east and west. The smoke is terrible. We have received wonderful support from all over the country and the world. It makes a big difference. Our community will rebuild. We’ve survived floods, earthquakes, and fires. Just hold the locust please, God.

There’s a useful local info resource here.

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