What do we look for in religion? Can you find it?

What do we look for in religion? That was the Year 7 prep set in one Bath school last week.

And here’s the answer from Bath Quaker News’ occasional young person’s editor Sophia Heath. You’ll find a single word hidden in this collage if you look very carefully.

If you look very carefully in this collage you’ll find it in one word.

One comment

  1. Áine was asked to describe religion and religions to an alien and conclude by either recommending religion for the alien’s planet or urging the alien not to bring religion back there. Her conclusion clearly reflects her experience of Quakerism:

    “I think you should have religion as it helps people connect and make new friends. You will meet many people in your ceremonies and you can think deeply in the meetings. Kids could come and they would not sit with you so you would have time away from them. Not everyone on your planet should have to practice a religion if they really do not want to.”


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