ARC to launch global faith-consistent investment guidelines

Bath-based Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) has published groundbreaking faith-consistent investment guidelines from religions around the world. Building on commitments dating from ARC’s 2015 event in Bristol The Zug Guidelines to Faith-Consistent Investing will be formally launched at the Faith in Finance meeting 30 Oct-1 Nov 2017 in Zug, Switzerland.

The new Zug guidelines build on earlier commitments from ARC’s Bristol event in 2015. 

The guidelines outline the priorities for future investment by 30 faith traditions including Buddhist, Christian, Daoist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Shinto and Quaker – focusing on how faiths can use their investments to support environmental and sustainable development for a better world.

The Quaker guildelines were contributed by Susan Seymour, who will be attending the Zug event along with Bath Quaker News editor William Heath. William also acts as senior adviser to ARC.

ARC – a secular charity established by Prince Philip which helps religions on aspects of sustainability – has advised Friends House in Euston. ARC general secretary Martin Palmer is well known to Bath Quakers and has spoken several times at the Friends’ Meeting House in Bath.

ARC describes the purpose of its new initiative thus:

The world’s faiths control a significant proportion of the world’s assets. They have in recent years become involved in investing according to environmental, sustainable and governance (ESG) principles. To date they have generally applied negative criteria or screening to avoid inappropriate investments from their portfolios. From this year some of the leading faith fund managers will start to work with clearly articulated and formally endorsed ESG criteria for positive investment. This is backed by a commitment to change the world by aligning their assets with their deepest values and principles. Against a background of political and economic uncertainty in many places around the world, 2017 will see a significant global breakthrough in the emergence of Faith-Consistent Investment (FCI).

You can download a copy of the full Zug Guidelines here. 

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