Bath Quakers and 60 years of CND

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) – the non-violent campaign to scrap nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction – celebrates 60 years today. Ekklesia writes:

Since its inception at the height of the Cold War, CND has campaigned tirelessly for the end of nuclear weapons. From the very beginning Quakers have supported this work and will continue to do so.

In marking the anniversary Helen Drewery, Head of Worship and Witness, said, “For all of the 60 years since CND was set up, Quakers in Britain have been saying that ‘to rely on the possession of nuclear weapons as a deterrent is faithless; to use them is a sin.’ We wish CND a happy birthday, but we, like them, long for a day of real celebration when hope has triumphed over fear and humanity has achieved nuclear disarmament.”

A number of events are planned to mark CND’s 60th year including the launch of a new book, CND at 60, telling the story of the campaigning work so far. The book will be launched on 8 March in the Quaker Centre Bookshop in London.

Bath Quakers have a long history of supporting CND. You can meet Bath Quaker CND members most Saturday mornings outside Bath Abbey and ask them about it.

Here are a couple of images of pacifist Bath Quakers through the years. The first from the Bath Chronicle in 1962 shows a group including young Bath Quakers about to undertake the 56 mile London to Aldermaston march.

Judith Eversley writes

I knew that the head boy of City of Bath Boys School (now Beechen Cliff) was later a member of Bath Meeting – but more recently the head girl of City of Bath Girls (now Hayesfield) joined us too! Not many current members will remember Peter Jones who was in Bath in the early 1980s, but many will remember Dorothy Jerrome.

Judith also sent a photo from the 2003 Stop the War demo featuring two Bath Quakers: the late Edrey Allott (in the pale green mac) and Elmay Kirkpatrick (just behind her and to the right).

“It took 40 years to get votes for women, ending of slavery took 50 years, so the fact that things take a long time doesn’t deter me.” Bruce Kent in the Daily Mirror


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