February – a poem by Brenda Claxton

Wet and damp.
Cold and shivery.
The monotonous weather
Yesterday was the exception.
Yesterday the sun
Shone bright
In the blue sky.
Birds began to welcome spring.
Carouselling a new year.
A lilting song
Filled the cold clear air,
Bringing joy
To my heart.
A sky lark sings.
Clear and loud.
Whilst flying
Across my path.
Its tiny body
Filled with energy
Calling, calling,
As it flies.
The mahonia bush
Flooded with blossoms.
Fills the air
With its glorious scent.
It can only be Spring.
Welcomed by all
As the dismal days of winter
Lift their heads,
Allowing the earth
To breathe once again.
Brenda Claxton, Feb 2018
February snowdrops on the Cotswold Way, Weston

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