Diary date: Imam Mohammed on salvation Tue 31 July

Jane from Bath Interfaith Group writes with a reminder of tomorrow’s talk – Tues 31 July 1900 in the Christian Science Church, Claverton St, Widcombe, Bath BA2 4LE.

Imam Mohammed Gamal, who recently joined the Bath Mosque, will speak about A comparative look at salvation in Sunni Islam and Catholicism.

The Bath Mosque web site carries Imam Mohammed’s scholarly biography, starting with his remarkable achievement of memorising the entire Qur’an aged 11. That is 77,449 words. (Quaker Advices & Queries – the distilled insights of the Society over the last 400 years – is a mere 2653 words by comparison. And how man of us have committed even that to memory?)

All are welcome, and Bath IFG hopes for a good turnout to hear Imam Mohammed speak.

A graduate of the Al-Azhar University of Cairo, he joined Bath Mosque in 2017.

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