Quaker week is here! Room for more

The national theme for Quaker week this year is Room for More. As the national British Quaker organisers put it:

As Quakers we offer a table already rich with good things, but we recognise that it is incomplete. What’s missing from the table? How can we let people know that there’s a space for them? How might we show people that their unique perspectives enhance that space?

We want everyone to bring and share. There is room for more at the table, and we value everyone who might sit at it. Our gathering around that table enriches us all.

William Heath adds:

Bath is a quietly growing Quaker meeting, with fully supervised childrens’ meeting every Sunday. Come if you’re curious, irrespective of age, gender, sexuality or religious background. As a devout Catholic visitor said after Meeting this week: “Everyone in the world should go to Friends’ meetings.”

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