Deportations: Bath Quakers write to the DPP in support of the Stansted 15

Bath Quakers have written to the new director of public prosecutions Max Hill QC in support of the “Stansted 15”, on trial under terrorism law for peaceful protest against deportations they believe to be unlawful.

The text of letter, which is signed by dozens of Bath Quakers, is reproduced below:

Bath Friends drafted and signed this letter to Max Hill, the new director of public prosecutions.

More reading about the Stansted 15 and deportations:

Friends rally round for Stansted 15 – The Friend

“Brutal and legally dubious” – Caroline Lucas MP sets out the background – The Independent

The End Deportations campaign sets out its case on its web site here. You can follow them on Twitter at @EDeportations

Friends show support for the Stansted 15 (photo Sam Walton, via The Friend)

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