Building Peace Together – a comprehensive and practical guide from QCEA

Finding that people including policymakers are perplexed by peacebuilding the Quaker European affairs council QCEA has produced a comprehensive guide and set of tools called Building Peace Together – a practical resource (pdf linked). Whether you’re a peace practioner, policymaker or confused member of the public this guide has a lot for you. QCEA says

The visibility of violent conflict from all over the world in our daily digest of news and media creates a sense that violence – or the threat of violence – is ever-present, when in fact, it is peace that is the norm. Building Peace Together makes the case for peacebuilding and provides a myriad of tools that can be used by actors across the board.

The report encompasses advice and guidance on peacebuilding principles, conflict sensitivity and due diligence, all necessary for any engagement. With 80 real-world examples of peacebuilding “tools,” as well as extensive reflective exercises, Building Peace Together is a practical reference for inclusive, long-term responses to today’s security challenges. Our report is aimed at peace practitioners, policymakers, and citizens with a commitment to more peaceful societies. The peacebuilding tools are categorised in 11 sectors resembling a government ministries such as justice, environment and education.

The report argues that peacebuilding requires an in-depth understanding of context, of the nature of the conflict dynamic and a conjuction of actions across a wide range of sectors. It enables any actor to see their engagement through a peacebuilding lens and makes peacebuilding everyone’s business.

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