Trial Meeting in new Grove St location as we plan to leave York Street

Bath Quakers held a Meeting for Worship at the Bath Central United Reform Church in Grove Street. This was in preparation for ending our 150-year association with the York Street Meeting House which we vacate at the end of March 2019.

The CURC Bath’s Grove Street entrance (image snapped by the all-seeing eye of Google).

We’re a growing Quaker Meeting. We decided after a lengthy and thorough process of discernment to leave behind the burden of upkeep and maintenance of a historic building. We want to be free to look forward and outwards.

The Bath Central United Reformed Church, where we meet on Grove Street from April 2019 is indeed central. It’s also accessible, warm and welcoming. It has several meeting rooms for our various sized meetings, including children, and a large kitchen.

Discerning any longer term plans will be a matter for Bath Quakers’ Meeting for Business. Implementing them would fall to Area Meeting Trustees.

Bath Quakers remains a Sanctuary Meeting and a Safe Space. Bath Friends remain committed to conflict resolution, equality, accessibility, inclusivity and environmental sustainability.

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