Holding the Stansted15 in the light

UPDATE: While we were finishing our Meeting news came through that the Stansted 15 were to be spared jail. As one Bath Friend put it: “Justice was done, tempered with mercy.”

There’s useful analysis on whether they were indeed convicted of terrorism offences here. The 15 still plan to appeal their sentences.


Wed 6 Feb the Stansted 15, already pronounced guilty, will be sentenced. These are people who have protested, effectively and peacefully, against the unlawful detention and deportation of asylum seekers whose lives may be in danger in their own countries.

Protests outside court where the Stansted 15 were convicted for ‘endangering an aerodrome’. The conviction took place on International Human Rights Day.

The Stansted15 have been tried under an anti-terrorist law many would consider draconian and inappropriate to this case. It carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

At 1030 Weds 6 Feb Bath Quakers host a silent meeting to hold the Stansted15 in the light. It’s a simple and powerful Quaker process well worth experiencing and participating in. All are welcome.

Those unable to attend are asked to hold the Stansted15 in the light, wherever you are at that time.

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