Bath Quaker support for a community in Palestine

On the agenda at our extra local meeting for business on Sunday 10th March is a request from Ali Morgan for our support for Hebron International Resources Network (HIRN).

At a lively meeting on 7th March Ali explained the detailed background and showed slides of some of the small but vital projects that HIRN has already carried out: setting up a honey farm, providing white-boards for a school and re-building a community centre.

On behalf of the UK Friends of HIRN (of which she is a Trustee). Ali has applied to Quaker Peace and Social Witness for a Relief Grant – £5,000 a year for three years – to make it possible to get Bedouin girls safely to school from their scattered nomadic villages. The communities have suitable vehicles but little money for fuel, maintenance and payment of drivers.  On Sunday Bath Friends area will be asked to consider sending a Minute of Support for this project to add to the  Minute from December Area Meeting.

Bath Friends and others at their discussion of the Umm al Khair project

Ali has written an article with more detail on the grant application, which you can read here: Umm Al Khair School Transport Project.

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