Meditation on nature in spring sunshine

Early morning sunshine filters through into my garden, illuminating a bare tree trunk, setting the shade afire.
Overnight gales have subsided and multitudinous birds are gathering food to feed their young.   Within a few hours the peanut holder is emptied; long tailed tits, a bird dear to my heart, great tits, blue tits constantly fly back and forth voraciously feeding.
Suddenly all are swept aside by the majesty of the spotted woodpecker, his size claiming superiority, the large red spot on his tail also sends a formidable message.   Aggressively he pecks at the peanuts, occasionally jumping aside as he swallows his takings and then he is immediately back for more.   After a few feeds he is off to his nest to feed his mate and her young.
A pair of collared doves who have beguiled me with their beauty all winter are now reduced to one solitary bird.  I presume the partner is on the nest as just briefly yesterday afternoon two birds appeared on the bird bath.
Then quite suddenly the garden is emptied.   Not a bird in sight, just the four full feeders swaying in the breeze., uncluttered.   What menace is hidden in the tree branches, I wonder.  Has the sparrow hawk returned?
After some minutes, slowly, hesitatingly, the birds start to return one by one. Until I count six tits scrambling around the peanut holder.
After such emptiness in the garden the return of its wildlife brings energy and beauty back into our lives, lifting my spirits into an unseen spiritual level.
Even the fat old tatty pigeon brings joy with it into the garden.   How he survives yet another winter never fails to fill me with surprise.
The early morning light carries a warmth and promise.  Soon the young woodpecker will sit atop the post watching his parents pecking the peanuts, whilst waiting to be fed.  Then as we watch he will clumsily practice how to feed himself.
The movement of the wind.  The birds, leaves, branches and clouds as they blow across the sky all bring to life my own inner world .  Giving me a sense of sanity and promise quite apart from this mad  world I read about every morning.   Put simply, my inner spiritual world is enhanced through watching the everyday beauty of the birds in my garden.
Brenda Claxton
Spring flowers in March sunshine – Bath 2019.

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