Bath Quakers: new life in a new meeting space

William Heath writes

We moved! At the end of March 2019 we said goodbye with mixed feelings to our beloved historic quirky architectural gem in York Street. Goodbye to the lovely ceiling lights, and to noisy neighbour’s fans and bellringing. Goodbye to the responsibilities.

Hello to eminently suitable and welcoming space, care of our new landlords the Bath Central United Reformed Church, and to a new stage of Quaker life in Bath.

Bath Quakers take in some notices after Meeting for Worship in our new Grove Street location.

The meeting space works well. It’s a good size for now, quiet, and accessible. We’re adjusting to different timings, storage arrangements and acoustics. We can share coffee afterwards with worshippers from BCURC, or use our own space. The latter comes with a piano which allowed Friends to show off some hidden talents.

But it has been a busy month in other ways. Young Friends undertook a memorable trip to London to hear the young climate activist Greta Thunberg. Bath Quakers convened a lively climate and environment hustings. The Bath Royal Scientific and Literary Institute BRLSI provided an eminently suitable location (see report). 

Liberated from the cares of historic building maintenance, we look forward to seeing how the energy and life of Bath Quakers evolves next over months and years to come and where this takes us.

It doesn’t take much for a Quaker Meeting quickly to feel at home. But we did need a new donations bag (crocheted with immense care and skill by our Treasurer Sally Harris).

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