Diary date: training for Quaker youth development project Sat 8 June

There’s a call out for Friends who’d like to share their skills and interests with the next generation. This is aimed not at the “usual suspects” but rather at those who do not have children aged 11-18, and are not currently engaged with the youth project.

The Volunteer Training Day for the Quaker Youth Development Project takes place on Sat 8 June in Bristol. More info from our Quaker Youth Worker Kirsty Philbrick: kirstyp@quaker.org.uk or Gwyneth Evans (the West Wilts & East Somerset Advocate for work with Children & Young People) on  gwinian@gmail.com

Along with Mary Jones, Kirsty Philbrick (above) is Quaker Youth Development worker for the west of England (photo via Redland Quakers)

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