Bath Quakers support memorial poetry day

Margaret Heath writes:

Several Friends braved the strong winds of Hurricane Hannah on Saturday to go to the Old Barn on Kelston Roundhill for a poetry day in memory of Rowena Hall. The event, orchestrated by Rev Lore Chumbley of Christ Church Julian Road, went splendidly, largely thanks to their kind and intelligent support.

Lance Pierson, an actor specialising in the poetry of Hopkins, studied English and then Theology.

Lance Pierson, an actor specialising in the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins, nobly biked to Paddington from Fulham, arrived at Bath station at 8.30am to join us. He was rather surprised, I think, by the Old Barn and by the interest shown in Gerard Manley Hopkins by the 25 odd there. Lance is an actor who reads superbly, audibly and with understanding and I think captivated the audience who in turn captivated him. A kestrel flew over on cue as we were reading The Windhover.

After a short break we split into groups to be creative or study further. There were a lot of laughs, poems were written and read and Manley Hopkins and George Herbert compared.

A hard core ventured out in the gale to plant a rowan tree in memory of Rowena, herself a “poet and friend of God”, who died tragically young and in whose memory the day was arranged.

We had an excellent lunch and the party broke up at 2pm. The Friends created a loving caring atmosphere; there was a good spread of ages and all mixed in. Many thanks to kind Bath Meeting Friends who came.

The readings and tree planting were followed by a shared lunch round a roaring fire.

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