Spirituality on the edge – series of diary dates

Margaret Heath writes:

There’s a series of talks with discussion coming up at Christ Church, Julian Road. They’re open to all; there’s no charge (refreshments with luck); possibly donations; and no need to book in advance.

Organiser is Revd Lore Chumbley, who organised the recent poetry day at the Old Barn. The dates are:

Th 16 May 1930: Revd Canon Rachel Mann: Christianity on the Edge. Rachel is a transgender priest, poet, writer and broadcaster (see her blog here). Her most recent book is shortlisted for the Michael Ramsey theology award.

Th 30 May 1930: Jonathan Stead, a member of Christ Church congregation who has lived in South Africa: Spirituality in a time of Crisis. Jonathan lived through the collapse of apartheid.

Th 13 June 1930: Fiona Gardner On the edge of Insight: the contemplative mysticism of Thomas Merton. Fiona is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, spiritual director and writer.

Th 27 June 1930: Revd Maria Shepherd Building Bridges: a story of emerging understanding between Christians and Pagans. Maria is rector of Avebury so works in a community with strong links to a spirituality older than Christianity.

Th 11 July 1930: Nicky Gladstone, former member of Christ Church congregation, now an ordinand working at York care centre with those who may feel on the edge of society.

Fiona Gardner’s talk will cover the contemplative mysticism of Thomas Merton (pictured; photo from PBS’ Religion and Ethics service)

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