Diary date: Beyond the fog of Brexit Sat 28 Sept

Nick Francis writes:

After the fog and anger of the Brexit struggle, whatever its outcome, we need a new vision for our country and how it will provide for the wellbeing of all within it and contribute to the wellbeing of the world beyond its shores.

It becomes clearer every day that we will all sink or swim together, so we need an agenda for the common good and the security of all. It follows that it will need to be pursued through cooperation rather than antagonism and conflict, so that in itself needs to be part of the vision.

We therefore propose a day for local groups to come together to contribute their thinking and outline the way ahead.

What then needs to be included in the agenda? These are the topics we propose, but your ideas will be welcome:

Environment: climate, species, rescue and solidarity    

International relations and peace: disarmament, diplomacy, cooperative geopolitics, internationalism

Community: welcome; building understanding and inclusive relationships

Economic justice: addressing poverty, homelessness, health and educational inequality

Human rights and real democracy: electoral reform, deliberative processes, fair press, solidarity with oppressed

The shape of the day:

  1. There will be a table at our venue for each topic, on which those groups whose work is related to it can display their literature for the rest of us to see when we come in.
  2. We will come together for a short introduction to each topic and a round of comments and additions.
  3. We will gather with others at the table of our choice, where those who have not spoken will have a chance to do so, join in discussion with others and formulate key points for policy makers and local action.
  4. We will return to plenary and each group will present its key points, for review, further input and adjustment. Once the lists of all of the group have been agreed, they will be handed to an appointed team to collate and write up in a report.
  5. That report, once circulated and agreed, will be handed to Bath  MP Wera Hobhouse and a copy sent to BANES Council and the local press.

Please let us know what you think of this idea and whether you will be able to join us.

(The event will begin at 10 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. held in the large Somerset Room at Manvers Street Baptist Church, time for setting up and packing up before and after, and a break for us all to eat our sandwiches.)  


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