Beyond the fog of Brexit: thinking about a country we could be proud of

Around 40 people spent Sat 28 Sept considering “beyond the fog of Brexit” what sort of country we want.

Organised by Nick and Diana Francis and Judith Eversley (who operate the long-standing local “Rethinking Security” project) the event was well attended by local Quakers and others. It was opened by our local MP Wera Hobhouse. Sarah Warren, B&NES’ recently appointed cabinet member for climate emergency also participated. Output from the meeting was shared with both of them.

It was a chance to stretch our minds and discuss in groups how to address the biggest challenges our society faces in environment, defence and security, democracy, finances and public services. “The cumulative effect was amazing” said Lin Patterson “The range, and the detail.”

The event brought four major policy strands together.

We expressed a desire to shift military spending to sustainability. We heard about the “Preston Model” of community wealth building, and the “climate watch BANES” initiative to maintain support for the councillors and officers working to fulfil B&NES’ climate emergency aspirations.

Around 40 people spent Saturday thinking and planning how we could have a country to be proud of.

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