Our Quaker stories

I asked Bath Quakers why they come to Quaker meetings and what difference it makes. Here are just a few responses. More would be very welcome – add yours in the comments or Tweet us at @BathQuakers.

Why do you come to Quaker meetings?

I don’t have to try to or pretend to believe things that I can’t. This is liberating.

God doesn’t have to be put in a box.

I like the variety, the whole ethos of the Friends… I look forward to Meetings. I agree with the Quaker attitude to life, the lack of hierarchy, the way tasks are shared and much else.

When has being part of Bath Quakers made a difference in your life?

When I felt down, I was surrounded by people who accepted me.

I’ve felt ‘held’ by the Meeting and accepted for who I am.

Visitors are always very welcome in our meetings. If you’re curious about Quakers, come and start (or continue) your Quaker story with us.

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