Water: Shelagh James gives a Quaker perspective at the Mayor’s reception

Lin Patterson writes:

On 3 Oct Shelagh James presented the Quaker view on the theme of “water” at the Mayor’s reception for the Bath Interfaith Group. She spoke of the dangerous journey by boat to early America by Quakers in support of settlers there.

This was at an intimate celebration in the Mayor’s Parlour at the Guildhall of the Bath Interfaith Group.

In the presence of the Mayor Gerry Curran, Richard Carder gave symbolic and historical references from a Druidic perspective. He showed photographs of crystals which seemed to respond to ‘love’ or hate in the proximity.

Presentations were also offered by a Hindu, Hare Krishna, Latter Day Saints and Baha’i.

The Mayor chose the theme, aware of the importance of water, issues of flooding, the Canal and Rivers Trust and its role in caring for the health of the waters in B&NES, and the plans with Wessex Water for free drinking fountains.

Shelagh James (seated) and Richard Carder (seated, right) at te Mayor’s reception for the Bath Interfaith Group

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