Postal worship sharing: would you like to join in?

Do you like getting interesting post, nourishing your inner life and getting to know people? Then join in with Bath Quakers’ postal worship sharing in the New Year.

Image of a postbox

What is postal worship sharing?

  • You’ll be in a circle of about 5 people.
  • Everyone chooses a ‘starter’. This could be a picture, poem or quote – anything you can use as a focus for prayer, meditation or reflection.
  • Post your starter, along with any reflections on it you’d like to share to the next person in your circle.
  • You’ll receive a starter from the person before you in the circle. Keep it for about a month and at some point in that month spend some time worshipfully reflecting on what you’ve been sent. If you like you can write/draw a response to share with others in the circle. Then post it on to the next person in the circle.
  • We carry on like this until the starters have been round everyone in the circle. You’ll end up getting your starter back along with responses others in the circle have shared.

Time commitment: this needn’t take a lot of time, but for it to work we do need everyone in the circles to choose a starter and to post the worship sharing letter on once a month over the period January to June.

All welcome! If you’d like to take part, speak to/email Katie Evans or let us know via our Contact Us webform.

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