Reflection on the postal worship sharing experience

Towards the end of last year, well before the COVID lockdown, Katie Evans had presciently arranged a postal worship sharing project for Bath Quakers (original details here). Friends were provided with round robin hand-stitched booklets, with carefully hand-written forwarding addresses.

It started with an invitation to share something inspiring and send it to the next Friend. They in turn had time to reflect on it, and add something before forwarding it to the next, and so on.

One participant writes about the experience:

Postal worship sharing is perfect for anyone disabled and with good and bad days to be able to read and ponder when they wish rather having to go out at a fixed time. Visits to others are not possible at the moment and may not be for the indefinite future for high risk Friends.

It is wonderful to have a whole month to think over a passage, research and read around it and develop thoughts and then see how it affected others. We are a non competitive, non judgemental group, not afraid to admit our feelings and in my case ignorance at times. I think we trust each other, and can regard anything we share as in confidence.

I think this worth saying again and again. There were again an impressive number of participants this morning and we had a good group afterwards. Well organised.

Many thanks to Katie for this, and to all who took part.

The distinctive “Penfold Hexagonal” Victorian postbox in Great Pulteney Street. The world’s first stamped letter was posted in Bath in 1840.

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