Meet for open-air worship in Bath Quakers’ burial garden

Susan Tomes writes:

Bath Quakers trustees have now said that we can reopen the burial ground for Meetings for Worship and gardening:
1. Meetings  for Worship will be taking  place at the burial ground, Widcombe  on Thursday afternoons from 16 July (weather permitting). Numbers are limited to six Friends. Please use the contact form for details.
2. Would you like to be part of a small group of Friends gardening at the burial ground? Now that the trustees have been able to ease the lock down on the burial ground following government guidelines  we require help  with restoring and maintaining the borders.  This is a lovely way to get to know new  Friends – from a safe distance. Please contact me Susan direct, or use the contact form to register your interest along with your availability.
The Quaker Star rose – latin name Rosa Quaker Star – showing its large, fully double, cupped, flowers with red outer petals in the Quaker burial garden.
Claire Marrack, a member of the gardening group, writes
Before the lock down being part of the gardening group enabled  gardening with other Friends and sharing the companionship of quietly working together. The process of sharing ideas and getting to know one another more deeply in a gentle affirming way.

It has been a journey of discovery as we uncover the many headstones of those who have gone before us and are part of this sacred sight. We have also found treasures buried beneath the overgrown shrubs including bulbs, primroses, cyclamen and several roses. And all the while our resident and friendly robin bringing us cheer with his wonderful singing and presence.

The burial ground is a sacred and peaceful place in which to find refreshment from the cares of the world, even on a cold wet day.

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