Meeting for worship with a difference: Sun 29 Dec

Quakerism has been described as a DIT (do-it-together) religion. We appoint Friends to roles so that there’s someone looking out for what’s needed, but Meeting works best when we each, in our own way, contribute to and receive from worship and community life.  

Eldership is about caring for the spiritual life of our Meeting. We all have experience of this. For example, you’ve probably noticed when meeting for worship has felt deep or restless. Often these insights, and their practical expression in care, go unrecognised. We want to bring all this wisdom into the open.

So, on Sunday 29th December we’re trying something different. We’ll have a half hour meeting for worship 1030-1100 followed immediately by a half hour ‘open elders meeting’ 1100-1130 before coffee as usual at 1130. This open elders meeting is an opportunity for you to share, in an atmosphere of worship and deep listening, your insights into the spiritual health of our Meeting.

What have you noticed that’s done Meeting the world of good, feeding us all spiritually? Do you have a sense that we’re off balance in some way? That something’s missing or overlooked? What do you want to do to deepen our spiritual life together?

Come to hold Meeting in the Light, listen and share. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, do contact us.

Alistair Paul, Diana Page, Judith Eversley, Katie Evans & Wren Sidhe

Elders for Bath Meeting

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