Towards a deeper experience of worship: open elders meeting 29 March

On Sun 29 March we will have a half hour meeting for worship 1030 – 1100 followed immediately by a half hour ‘open elders meeting’ 1100 – 1130, then coffee as usual at 1130.

Open elders meetings are opportunities for everyone to join in the spiritual care of our worship and community.

Turtle swimming underwater

Going deeper … (photo by Zdeněk Macháček)

One of the responsibilities of eldership is ‘to guide those who share in our meetings towards a deeper experience of worship’. We’re taking this as our focus for 29 March.

Are you curious about what other people do in meeting for worship? Do you have a way of ‘centring down’ that helps you settle into and go deeper in worship?

After our first open elders meeting in Dec, several people said to me they’d been having wonderful conversations and wished it could have gone on longer! I hope our March open elders meeting will be just as enjoyable and enriching. Come and be part of the conversation.

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