British and Irish Quakers issue joint statement on Brexit

British and Irish Quakers have issued a joint statement on Brexit:

As the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, Quakers in Britain and on the island of Ireland reaffirm their shared friendship and unity.

Regardless of the changing political situation, the ties that bind us at the deepest level – those of love and human connection – remain as they ever did. We are committed not only to maintaining our relationship as Quakers, but deepening it. We are Friends, and will remain so in a way which transcends how our countries and governments relate to each other. All boundaries and divisions are human constructs; we seek to see beyond these and relate to each other as children of God.

We recognise that Brexit is not an endpoint, but a step in the continuing relationship between our respective countries. We know that there will be a wide range of emotions felt in our Quaker and wider communities about our arrival at this point, and we ask Quakers to be truthful but tender with those around us. We all have to continue to live together, and we should act in ways that encourage this.

We also maintain our shared commitment to peace in Northern Ireland. Both our Quaker communities have worked for many decades to support and embed peace in Northern Ireland, and we are aware how fragile it can be. We urge that all people, politicians, people of faith and others, act in ways that help maintain and strengthen this peace. “

In loving Friendship

Denise Gabuzda, Clerk, Ireland Yearly Meeting
Clare Scott Booth, Clerk, Britain Yearly Meeting

Links to the statement:

Quaker in Ireland web site

British Quakers web site

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