‘The Friend’ 24.04.2020 – Free Copy

A message from George Penaluna, Advertising Manager at The Friend

Dear Friends,

We are continuing to produce and distribute The Friend each week during the coronavirus lockdown, keeping Friends in touch with each other and helping to connect Quakers around Britain and across the world. All our staff are working from home and we have been touched to receive so many messages of support and thanks:

  • ‘It is great that The Friend keeps going, thanks to all the staff!’
  • ‘Thank you for your efforts in these difficult circumstances to keep The Friend alive and with us…’
  • ‘I’m so impressed that The Friend has kept being published, without missing a beat (from the reader’s perspective anyway).’
  • ‘Thank you for our continued copies of The Friend.’
  • ‘I’ve found your last two issues really helpful in giving me causes to support etc. They’ve lifted my spirits.’
  • A welcome breath of air in these troubled times.’

We wanted to share this week’s issue with as many Friends as possible and I’m pleased to send you a free PDF copy [available here].

Please help us to keep The Friend coming out each week. To subscribe online and receive a weekly paper copy or access the PDF, please go to https://thefriend.org/ and click ‘subscribe’ on the top line.

Best wishes
George Penaluna
Advertisement Manager

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