World Quaker Day: an invitation from the FWCC

The General Secretary of the Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) Gretchen Castle writes with greetings and news about world Quaker Day 4 Oct:

FWCC invites you to join Quakers around the world to celebrate the 7th annual World Quaker Day on Sunday 4 October 2020.

The theme What Does it Mean to be a Quaker today? Living a Faithful Life in a Changing World draws us into our shared experience of being Quakers. It is a chance to celebrate what is at the core of our Quaker faith at a time when COVID has given us a new lens through which to consider what we want in a changing world – where our faith is strengthened and issues of systemic inequality, climate change, and economic justice, among others, are elevated. We have been given new eyes… and much to consider!

This year, with new experiences of gathering online, we are encouraging online worship, and the opportunity to invite another worship group to join you. Sections are offering online shared experiences. As usual, FWCC offers many resources that can be used, shared, and discussed. Please visit our website

We hope you will share your World Quaker Day experience with FWCC. It can be very simple — a description, a poem, a few photos or screen shot, or even a short video recording. We will post it online for other Friends around the world to see.

Our vision is for Friends to have access to a montage of activity of all sorts via FWCC’s websites and the FWCC World Office Facebook page. Please email any items to us with WQD as the subject or post it on the Facebook page or Tweet us at @WorldQuakerDay #WQD.

See below for more resources.

Based in London, the FWCC encourages understanding among Quakers globally and works with other faiths. There are Quaker UN offices in Geneva and New York.

We are compiling resources for Friends to use on the World Quaker Day website, including section events and worship opportunities.

From posters and videos, to ideas for activities in your meeting or church, there are many ways to get involved.

You will find links to download some of these resources below. You can also visit our Resources page for more ideas.

If you have materials that you’d like to share with other Quakers, please let us know.

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