Life’s lines: the surprises of publishing a book

Hazel Mitchell writes:

If you like a challenge and something new, even in the later part of your life, we – Tony and Hazel Mitchell – suggest you take up proof-reading! 

Tony has written poetry all his adult life and it was part of his work as a teacher of English.  So, he chose a hundred or so poems he felt were representative of his work, and found a publisher. 

There were several surprises when we decided to alternate reading so we had a change of voice.  The first was the impact of reading out loud of the poems about loss of friends.  We were both in tears, amazed at the emotional power of the words. 

We have had feedback from friends, and  if there was a poem which mentioned places, people or events known to the reader, this kind of verse was particularly interesting. 

It was the sheer hard work and time it all took, and the detail one has to go.  When we began the final reading , we were told we would still find errors from the previous checks.  We were confident we had worked thoroughly enough previously – but – yes, you’ve guessed – we found more changes needed.  

But it has been worthwhile, we feel, and we would encourage others with a love of words, to consider guarding them for posterity.

Tony Mitchell’s book of poems gets a 5* rating on Amazon; you can also order it via independent booksellers. Pub. Michael Terence Publishing ISBN 1913653811.

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