Bath Quakers’ Burial Garden: invitation to volunteers

Claire Marrack writes:

As you may be aware members of Bath meeting have been renovating  the Burial Garden for the past year. This has been a journey of discovery  as we uncovered many headstones of those who have gone before us  and brought to light some beautiful plants buried beneath the overgrown  shrubs. We have enjoyed gardening together in a gentle affirming way.

We hope that in the future the Burial Garden will provide a healing and  spiritual space for all members of Area meeting. We would welcome  volunteers from all Meetings to join our gardening team, and contribute  to the ongoing development and maintenance of this special place.

Bath Quakers’ Burial Garden in bloom: volunteers needed for this most satisfying project.

A thorough Covid 19 risk assessment has been carried out and we are  following government guidelines.

Please contact Claire Marrack for further information, or email

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