Wanted: resident Friends for glorious Quaker centre in the south of France

Susan Tomes forwards this notice from Marie & Nick, Friends in residence at the Centre Quaker de Congénies in southern France:

The Centre Quaker de Congenies, in the south of France, is seeking long term volunteer Resident Friends. Enjoy the region, the garden and the conviviality of visits from Friends around the world. Accommodation at the centre is offered in exchange for managing the house, organising events and hosting BnB guests (5 rooms).

This position is ideal for two active retirees or telecommuters. At least one must speak reasonably good French. We seek a commitment of at least 2 years. Flexible start date. Respond to: centre.quaker.congenies@gmail.com.

“We’ve stayed there several times” says Susan. “It is truly a wonderful place.”

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