A month in the Burial Ground: February 2022

Following the mild winter, spring has come early this year, and green shoots are appearing all across the burial ground. We were fortunate to be spared the worst of the recent storms, with the only casualties being a couple of plant supports. The recent inclement weather has reinforced the need for a shelter, and our plans for this are moving forward. We have received good support with the design from our friend Rowena and others. We also hope to have water connected to the burial ground in the next few weeks.

Our newly planted trees have survived the winter and we are pleased that the bladdernut tree is looking healthy following its pruning last year. The snowdrops provided a wonderful display during February, and brought a lightness to the garden. These are now fading and being replaced by crocuses, daffodils and primroses; creating a tapestry of colour in the lawn and borders. In addition the hellebores, pulmonaria, euphorbia and quince are flowering and providing much needed nectar for emerging insects and bees.

As we move into March we are looking forward to happy days gardening with friends and neighbours (and our puppies!). Dates will be put on the Bath Quaker website. We also welcome friends who just wish to come and sit in the garden and enjoy the company and beautiful space.

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