A Month in the Burial Ground – August 2022

Throughout most of August the dry, warm weather continued, and drought status was declared in the Bath area. As a result of the intense heat we had to cancel two of our gardening sessions and on the third attempt it rained for the first time in weeks! Nine of us gathered in the garden for an enjoyable afternoon and when the rain eased we shared a picnic together.

We were busy preparing for the Heritage Open Day in September, and wish to thank all our Friends who have helped to make this event possible. Simon Baker also kindly put up a new notice board on the wall outside the burial ground, on which we can advertise Quaker events and meetings.

The wildflower area has been cut and left for a week to allow the seed to fall before being cleared. There is a surprising amount of colour in the borders, with the verbena, sedums, wallflowers and japanese anemone providing a good display.

At the beginning of the month the myrtle was covered in delicate white flowers but, as with many plants this summer, the flowering period was shorter than normal. The pittosporum shrubs are looking healthy and provide all year round interest with their variegated green and white foliage. Many of the plants are now covered in seedheads, and in particular the fennel and echinops look stunning in the low light at the beginning and end of the day.

We looked forward to welcoming new visitors to the burial ground during the Open Day, and sharing the history of this special place, as well as the Quaker way.

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