It’s not too late to read Quaker Faith & Practice!

Katie Evans writes

This year Britain Yearly Meeting, the national gathering of Quakers in Britain, is likely to consider whether it’s time to revise Quaker Faith & Practice, our book of discipline.

We’re all encouraged to familiarise ourselves with Quaker Faith & Practice so as to be able to make an informed contribution to the discernment process.

If like me, you didn’t manage to follow the monthly reading programme to read the whole of Quaker Faith & Practice over the last 18 months, good news is at hand.  There’s now a condensed Not too late reading guide suggesting 7 passages a week for 16 weeks that will give us a good tour of Quaker Faith & Practice.

While reading, we’re asked to consider: What here is new for me?  What here is true for me?

If you start on 11th Jan and read a passage a day, you’ll finish the programme on 3rd May – the day before Yearly Meeting begins.

I’m going to have a go a following this reading guide.  Would anyone else like to join in and share responses?

Quaker Faith & Practice sitting in the Friends’ Meeting House in Airton Yorks (from Airton Quakers web site).

Not too late reading programme:

Date Suggested passages
11/1 Chapter 28: Sharing the Quaker experience, passages 28.13 and 28.02 to 28.07
18/1 Chapter 3: General counsel on church affairs, passages 3.08 to 3.11 and 3.29 to 3.31
25/1 Chapter 16: Quaker marriage procedure, passages 16.01 to 16.07 (remember to read the up-to-date version online or published separately)
1/2 Chapter 24: Our peace testimony, passages 24.21 to 24.26 and 24.50
8/2 Chapter 22: Close relationships, passages 22.11 to 22.13 and 22.16 to 22.19
15/2 Chapter 9: Beyond Britain Yearly Meeting, passages 9.01 to 9.07
22/2 Chapter 25: Unity of creation, passages 25.04 to 25.06 and 25.12 to 25.15
1/3 Chapter 26: Reflections, passages 25.50 to 25.52 and 25.61 to 25.64
8/3 Chapter 4: Area meetings and local meetings, passages 4.39 to 4.45
15/3 Chapter 12: Caring for one another, passages 12.08 and 12.14 to 12.19
22/3 Chapter 20: Living faithfully today, passages 20.48 to 20.51, and 20.61 to 20.63
29/3 Chapter 19: Openings, passages 19.06, 19.07 and 19.34 to 19.38
5/4 Chapter 17: Quaker funerals and memorial meetings, passages 17.01 to 17.06 and 17.10
12/4 Chapter 1: Advices and Queries, sections 1 -7 of 1.02 (English) or 1.03 (Welsh)
19/4 Chapter 21: Personal journey, passages 21.01, 21.08, 21.19, 21.27, 21.38, 21.44, and 21.50
25/4 Chapter 6: Yearly Meeting, passages 6.02 to 6.07 and 6.11

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